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Pex and Moles – Automated Whitebox Testing for .NET

Pex and Moles basics

Now some of you might be thinking what is Pex and how can a Mole help me test anything. Well Pex is a testing tool which helps you generate unit tests. And when i say Moles i am not thinking about the animal instead i am thinking about a framework which enables you to isolate parts which are tested from other application layers.

Pex is a tool which can help you generate inputs for your unit tests. To use Pex you have to be writing Parameterized Unit Tests. Parameterized Unit Tests are simple tests which accept parameters and Pex helps you generate these parameters automatically.

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Test process improvement with the TMMi model

I feel i should warn everybody at the beginning of this post that this is gonna be a very long one. Because this is a subject that i am passionate about.

The size and complexity of systems and applications are constantly increasing. This leads to increased requirements and demands from the customer receiving the application or system. Users are not just interested in the functions that the systems provide, it’s also necessary that they are of high quality. And how do we meet the users expectations? By testing, but you can’t just test the software and claim that you have a good test process. Read More…