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The lameguy returns…….

For the few readers i have which at this moment is probably just 1-2 people as you have probably noticed i haven’t posted that much this last week. That is because i have been sick, and also because i have started a new job at a development firm so i haven’t had the time nor the energy to write anything interesting.

So i thought i would post a couple of pics of my lame dog this time. Enjoy the cute dog pics 🙂 Read More…


Test process improvement with the TMMi model

I feel i should warn everybody at the beginning of this post that this is gonna be a very long one. Because this is a subject that i am passionate about.

The size and complexity of systems and applications are constantly increasing. This leads to increased requirements and demands from the customer receiving the application or system. Users are not just interested in the functions that the systems provide, it’s also necessary that they are of high quality. And how do we meet the users expectations? By testing, but you can’t just test the software and claim that you have a good test process. Read More…

Subsonic install in FreeBSD jail

This post is a continuation of the “FreeBSD jail on embedded Nas4Free install” post, which covered how to setup a FreeBSD jail on an Nas4Free embedded install. This post is going to cover setting up Subsonic standalone server inside the jail.

Subsonic is a piece of software i can recommend to anybody running a NAS server since with it you can use your NAS also as a media jukebox.

SSH to the NAS

After you logged on to the NAS, check that the jail is up and running using the “jls” command.The output should look something like this: Read More…

FreeBSD jail on embedded Nas4Free install

Setting up a FreeBSD jail on embedded Nas4Free install

As most DIY computer geeks i have a server at home, more specifically a DIY Nas. It is basically an old p4 mini atx motherboard i had laying around with a raid controller card and a couple of hdd’s. The Nas runs an embedded FreeBSD distribution called Nas4Free,

Since the distro is an embedded install this means that any changes you make to it are gone when the server is restarted. So how can you extend its functionality and for example add a subsonic server to it.

The answer lies in Freebsd jails.Jails, sometimes referred to as an enhanced replacement of chroot environments, are a very powerful tool for system administrators, but their basic usage can also be useful for advanced users. Read More…